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The Fastest Way To Eliminate Airborne Virus From Any Room.
Inactivate COVID/Flu etc with Safe UVC.

SterilTube is independently proven to inactivate 99.98% of virus (HCov OC43 and Adenovirus-5), and designed specifically to target airborne transmission in indoor environments, sanitizing virus in the air and on surfaces in minutes. 

An affordable 100% safe germicidal UVC device. Ideal                                            for Hotels, Airports, Schools, GP and Dentist                                                      clinics, waiting rooms, Gyms, Spas, Business                                                     Offices, Homes and now Cars too!


Reducing the amount of virus in the air indoors, means reduced infections.

The Steriltube's powerful UVC LED light inactivates airborne particles of all sizes providing more effective removal of virus than HEPA filters.

Laboratory proven to inactivate the DNA / RNA of  Microorganisms Virus, Flu, Bacteria, Mould etc.

Longest UVC LED Light Lifecycle (70,000 hours). Environmentally Safe. 100% recyclable material.

Safe to operate with people in the room. Improved productivity and lowers costs of manual cleaning.

  • Independently proven to inactivate >99.98% of HCov OC43 and Adenovirus-5 (Modena University, Italy).

  • Targets airborne and aerosol virus that scientists claim is responsible for >60-70% of COVID19 transmission.

  • Harmless to human cells because the SterilTube's UVC light "kill chamber" is enclosed in aluminum casing, preventing exposure to people and animals and making it safe to run 24x7.

  • Because it is safe for humans, enables work to go on uninterrupted with no down time for manual cleaning.

  • Unlike other UVC products, its LED light contains no mercury, and is made of 100% recyclable material.

  • Suitable for multiple room sizes and configurations.

  • Italian designed and certified by European and registered with Australian safety standard bodies.

  • Perfect to work in tandem with ventilation solutions designed to draw air and aerosols particles upwards and away from non infected people.

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The SterilTube is ingenious in its simplicity, inactivating 99.98% of virus RNA within minutes of operation, and safe to run 24x7 with people in the room.


The device is shaped like a tube and has an inlet and outlet. By generating airflow, the SterilTube draws in the contaminated air into the enclosed UVC "kill chamber", where virus is compressed against the UVC LED light, inactivating the virus by disrupting its single strand RNA and making it incapable of reproducing and infecting people. The sanitized air is then dispersed around the room.


The process of circulating airflow and sanitizing the air and surfaces, continues as long as the device remains in operation inactivating 99.98% of test virus  (Human Coronavirus  OC43 and Adenovirus Type 5) and through which we can assume all similar virus.

The germicidal UVC LED light contained within SterilTube's aluminium casing inactivates virus/bacteria at the most effective range of 265nm.

Available in black, white and silver colors and in models designed for small, mid size and larger rooms. Any size area can be catered for with multiple units positioned to deliver maximum output.

Sanitization is delivered at both upper room air where airborne and aerosolized pathogen circulate and on landed surface properties.


Plug and Play, simple operation 24x7.

How it works

Sleek, Italian design is ideal for home or office environments.

Built-in germicidal UVC light with 70,000 hour life cycle

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